Fury of the Wind

Meet Allish Statia, one of Mersetzdeitz's handful of native-born Elementals.

Compared to a Mage, her powers are weak. Where her husband can summon a tornado, she can barely push over a lawn chair. Which is fine—Ivern is a born Mage, the head of the Council that oversees Mage activity in Mersetzdeitz, and she's a ballerina.

She doesn't need her powers.

Until, one day, she does. And they answer back with much more force than she had ever felt before.

The Elemental Wars Recommended Reading Order:

  1. Into the Fire (The Elemental Wars, Book 1)

  2. Firebird (The Elemental Wars, Book 2)

  3. Sylphide (Fury of the Wind, Book 1)*

  4. Tempest (Fury of the Wind, Book 2)*

  5. Palace of Glass (The Elemental Wars, Book 3)

  6. Earth Awakened (The Elemental Wars, Book 4)

  7. Guardian Force (The Elemental Wars, Book 5)

  8. Fight or Flight (The Elemental Wars, Book 6) **Coming Soon**

*Sylphide and Tempest can be read before Into the Fire and Firebird, so long as they're all read before Palace of Glass. In Palace of Glass, Allish and Mieshka's stories intertwine.