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About the Author

If you want kickass Sci-Fi and high-quality fantasy, then you've come to the right place!

K. Gorman delights in spinning tales that will capture your imagination and leave you breathless.


Meet K. Gorman

K. Gorman is a Science Fiction and Fantasy addict from Western Canada who dabbles in different genres. In addition to being a fiction lover, she is also a history and culture nerd with a focus on China, Taiwan, and Japan. When she's not writing, one can find her devouring other author's stories, marathoning Netflix (Black Spot/Zone Blanche currently has her attention), and attempting to improve on her language study.


Reach out!

Want to hang out? Go ahead and join her Facebook group, K. Gorman's Mages and  Starfighters:


You can also e-mail her at 

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