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The Elemental Wars & Fury of the Wind

The Mages arrived twenty years ago, and the world has never been the same.

Magic, Technology, firepower—they had it all. But instead of conquering us, they joined us.

Now, our own magic is beginning to awaken.
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Welcome to The Elemental Wars, a series with over 1,600 pages of fast-paced, epic urban fantasy. 

If you like hard-hitting fantasy and characters that struggle with very real dilemmas and consequences, an expansive, well-planned plot, and books you can sink your teeth into, then scroll back up and start Into the Fire today. 

Prefer a character older than Into the Fire's 16-year-old protagonist? Dive in with Allish Statia in Fury of the Wind. Both series meet in Palace of Glass, and the point of view will switch to follow different characters throughout the series. Although Mieshka Renaud has a main role, there are many others that have butts to kick.

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