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Blood Ties

The Eurynome Code



Together again, and ready to bring the system to its knees.

Karin Makos has spent the last two months running from one thing or another—but all that's about to change. Her sister's back, and Nomiki's ready to grab their problems by the horns, throw them on their backs, and rip into them with her modified carbon steel blades.

With the backing of the Fallon Empire and a promising new lead, the two are determined to reach down into the mystery of their past and pull out its secrets, once and for all.

But they aren't the only ones on the move. And looking may uncover more than even they could have bargained for.

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Nomiki’s head turned their way with a jerk, a little too fast for an entirely human action—part of her ability at work—then she seemed to focus on something in the air, listening to the environment around them instead of giving them her direct attention.
With a little shake of her head, she rolled her shoulders and turned toward them, her walk taking on a more casual, human appearance. “I’ve been looking for you guys forever. Where did you go?”
“We were hiding in the closet like a couple of wusses. Did you see the unconscious guy?”
“Yep. Program Ares.” Nomiki snorted. “Let’s not wake him up.”
“With a name like that, he sounds like a total douche.”
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