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Earth Awakened

The Elemental Wars & Fury of the Wind



Out of control, with nowhere left to hide.

Before she absorbed an Earth Elemental spirit, McKay was a soldier in a steadily failing war. Now, the war is lost, she's loaded with magic she can barely contain, and her entire life has flipped onto its back.

When she finally loses control, she must turn to Gobardon, an Earth Mage with a dangerous past, for help.

But Gobardon has other plans. Plans that take her right back into the heart of her old country and the war she lost.

Javen Dantrell lost everything in the war: his life’s work, his home, and every single student in his class. Bitter, jaded, and armed with a unique brand of magic, he now leads a small group of refugees in an attempt to survive and avoid the Swargardian patrols that now occupy his city.

Now, those patrols are closing in, and he needs to find them a new home.

Earth Awakened is the fourth book in The Elemental Wars, a fast-paced urban fantasy series featuring Elemental magic, intricate worldbuilding, and characters you will never forget. Like a high dose of action in your fantasy and authors who aren't afraid to swear? Buy or borrow now!

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