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Palace of Glass

The Elemental Wars & Fury of the Wind



Bigger city, bigger trouble.

After their escape from occupied Ryarne, Mieshka, Aiden, and the rest of their crew can't wait to touch down in Mersetzdeitz. As the de facto world capital, it holds a neutral position in all global conflicts, and its large population of Mages, attack-proof shield, and joint military forces make it impossible to penetrate. The city is safe, secure, and promises to get Mieshka started on the one thing she wants most: learning to control her Fire Element and the Phoenix along with it.

But not all is as it seems. A deadly plot has dethroned the last Council Head, over half the Council is either missing or murdered, and, with attacks hitting the city daily, security is stretched thin.

Everyone is on edge.

It isn't long before Mieshka is thrown head-long into a race to save the government, the city, her friends, and herself. With the Phoenix burning ever hotter under her skin, and enemies moving fast around her, it'll take every bit of power and cunning her team—joined by the Resistance and a Wind Spirit—can come up with to get out alive.

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